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10.11.2011 19:32
RE: Coyote Kings - Move (2011) Antworten

Coyote Kings - Move (2011)

Time: 47:29
Label: TwinLion/Hot Poop!
Styles: Modern electric blues
Year: 2011


[3:33] 1. Wanna Come Home
[3:38] 2. Lil Sumpmm Sumpmm
[4:06] 3. Only Love I know
[3:19] 4. Upside Down Inside Out
[4:19] 5. All Tangled Up
[4:35] 6. Think It's the Good Life
[4:55] 7. Downtown
[3:08] 8. Blacktop Never Stop
[4:49] 9. Everything Changes
[7:16] 10. Drive Me (Tribute)
[3:47] 11. Get Ready

"They say third time's a charm & "Move," the third offering from Coyote Kings & first with Michelle "Mush" Morgan, is definitely charmed. That "Rockin' Blues & Bluesy Rock ~ Smokin' Hot!" band from Walla Walla has outdone themselves with this stunner. When you take the writing skills of Robin Barrett & Curtis Johnson, the solid playing of Rob, Curtis, Tim, & Mike & add Mush Morgan's amazing vocals to the mix, the result is downright world-class.

From the rollicking barrel-house groove of "Wanna Come Home," to the tough, driving, lustful moans of "Lil Sumpmm Sumpmm," to the ode to the weekend warrior "Think It's The Good Life," & the ultimate slide guitar propelled driving song, "Blacktop Never Stop," Barrett shows why he's regarded as one of the top Blues & Roots writers currently making music. Curtis "Rocket" Johnson surprises us with his superbly soulful vocals and writing, in his two offerings, the straight-up power Blues "Upside Down Inside Out" & "Downtown." How can a song have a tough Texas groove and feel good, almost euphoric dreaminess at the same time? Not sure, but "Downtown" delivers this amazing quality. You'll wish it went on for hours. I think you'll agree that it's about time Mr Johnson "stepped out from behind the drums!"

And now Mush Morgan... Coyote Kings' "Queen of Blue-eyed Soul," Michelle "Mush" Morgan, shows her jaw-dropping vocal skills on seven songs on Move; The heart-wrenching melodrama "Only Love I Know," the funk-in-your-face come-on "All Tangled Up," her sultry infatuation on "Drive Me," and powerful singing on "Everything Changes," along with her fantastic cover of "Get Ready," are a the icing on the cake that is Coyote Kings w/Mush Morgan's "Move."

It's rare these days when every song on an album is great, but... every song on Move is... well... great! Gonna be hard to pick a favorite... they're all awesome."


Der Blues wurde deshalb erfunden, weil die Seele vieler Menschen sonst noch schneller verkümmert wäre!

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