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25.11.2011 10:52
RE: Rich Harper Band - On Break (2011) Antworten

Rich Harper Band - On Break (2011)

Time: 56:35
Label: Kanawha Street Records
Styles: Modern electric blues
Year: 2011


[3:33] 1. As She Moved In (My Guitar Moved Out)
[5:02] 2. She's On Her Way Up (Alternate Take)
[3:45] 3. Karin' Blues
[3:06] 4. Color Me Gone
[5:01] 5. Blue Eyed Blues
[5:27] 6. Life
[3:21] 7. Andrea
[3:22] 8. No One Like You (Demo)
[3:25] 9. I Gotta Quit Listening To You (Demo)
[4:38] 10. The Tears You Owe Me (Demo)
[4:49] 11. Bound To Pay (Demo)
[2:49] 12. Color Me Gone (Demo)
[3:46] 13. Life (Demo)
[4:25] 14. Train (Demo)

Recently remastered, this CD is the second of what is now known as the "Family Trilogy" CDs. "Family Favorites" and "Onward..." complete the series.

RHB recorded "Onward..." in March 2001 over two nights at The Starboard Attitude in Redondo Beach, CA. Friends and fans - "Family" to the band - shared every minute of the live recording. While the band was listening to hours of music to decide which cuts would become "Onward...", the "Family" got restless. So, the band released an exclusive CD, "Family Favorites", over the holidays in 2001 with tracks the "Family" requested from the first two CDs ("Don't Think Just Play" and "Bottled Up Blues"), plus two preview cuts, "Workin' On Me" and "Andrea" from the upcoming live CD.

By autumn of 2002, the band decided they had too many tracks for one CD, but not enough for a double CD. The solution seemed obvious - release a prequel CD, exclusive to, titled "On Break". This CD included live tracks from the "Onward..." recording, an alternate take of "She's On Her Way Up" that ended up on the Taxim Records (Germany) compilation CD "More Desaster City Blues", plus several demos from "Don't Think Just Play".

For the remastered edition featured here, three more "Don't Think Just Play" demos have been included as Bonus Tracks: "Color Me Gone", "Bound To Pay" (which ended up on "Bottled Up Blues"), and "Life" (which also ended up on "Bottled Up Blues"). The recently discovered improvised demo of "Train Song" completes this edition.



Der Blues wurde deshalb erfunden, weil die Seele vieler Menschen sonst noch schneller verkümmert wäre!

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