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14.12.2011 22:49
RE: V.A. - Warren Haynes Presents: The Benefit Concert - Vol.4 (2011) Antworten

V.A. - Warren Haynes Presents: The Benefit Concert - Vol.4 (2011)


01. Carolina In My Mind – Warren Haynes w/ Don Lewis
02. 111 – Sons of Ralph
03. Nine Pound Hammer – Sons of Ralph w/ Warren Haynes
04. The Kind Of Place – Jerry Joseph
05. Climb To Safety – Jerry Joseph w/Robert Randolph, Dave Schools & Matt Abts
06. Looking Out My Window – Robert Randolph & The Family Band
07. Shake Your Hips – Robert Randolph & The Family Band w/Warren Haynes & Danny Louis
08. Dark Star Jam > Mexico – moe.
09. Opium – moe. w/ Warren Haynes


01. Ride Along – John Hiatt & The Goners
02. Tiki Bar Is Open – John Hiatt & The Goners w/ Jon Smith
03. Memphis In The Meantime – John Hiatt & The Goners w/ Warren Haynes
04. Shakedown Street – Bob Weir & Friends
05. Truckin’ – Bob Weir & Friends
06. The Other One – Bob Weir & Friends
07. Worried Down With The Blues – Gov’t Mule w/ Greg Rzab
08. Sco-Mule – Gov’t Mule w/ Greg Rzab, Dr. Dan Mattrazo, Jon Smith, Mike Barnes & DJ Logic
09. Simple Man – Gov’t Mule w/ Dave Schools, Artimus Pyle, Audley Freed, Mike Barnes & Rob Barraco

How many musicians would kill to get a peek into Warren Haynes' address book? He has been holding his annual benefit Christmas jam concerts in Asheville, North Carolina since 1988, and each time, the lineup is more impressive than the year before. This one, recorded December 21, 2002 but not released until nearly nine years later, documents his 14th such gig, featuring Robert Randolph, moe., John Hiatt, Bob Weir & Friends, and a closing free-for-all with Haynes' Gov't Mule and guests such as DJ Logic and Widespread Panic's Dave Schools. Haynes lends his talents to about half the tracks on this nearly two-and-a-half-hour, double-disc set as he shares the spotlight with Hiatt, moe., Jerry Joseph, Weir, and others. With Weir around, there's a heavy Dead vibe to much of the music, as moe. even covers Dark Star (sounding arguably better and tighter than vintage Dead) and Weir rolling out the Dead's "Truckin'," "Shakedown Street," and "The Other One" with somewhat surprisingly sprightly results. Since Haynes was touring as a temporary member of that band for a while, the connection is logical. Randolph lights a fire under all that noodling with a propulsive nine-minute take on Slim Harpo's "Shake Your Hips" that just about burns the stage down with its intensity. Bluegrass is usually present at these Haynes gatherings, and for this one, he invites Ashville's Sons of Ralph. The band features some lightning-fast mandolin playing from Don Lewis that will have most listeners Googling the group to learn more about them. John Hiatt delivers inspired versions of some of his better-known songs including a ten-minute romp through "Memphis in the Meantime" (with Haynes sitting in). Having the always stellar Sonny Landreth on slide helps raise the temperature substantially. The final 30 minutes are spent on three Gov't Mule tunes, including a raw cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man," with that group's drummer Artimus Pyle, that closes the concert by paying tribute to Haynes' 70s and Southern rock roots. These shows usually run over eight hours, so even at a hefty 150 minutes, this is just a sampler of the music soiree that night. As with the three previous double-disc packages, the recording is pristine and the live setting adds a sharp edge to every performance. The CD's profits, as well as those from the shows, goes to Habitat for Humanity. That gives the proceedings an even more positive vibe, making this a logical purchase for any American roots rock or Dead fan.


Der Blues wurde deshalb erfunden, weil die Seele vieler Menschen sonst noch schneller verkümmert wäre!

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